Career Programs at The Andersons

Finance Development Program
The Finance Development Program is a foundation for a successful career in the finance and accounting department of The Andersons. The three-year program includes annual rotations through various corporate and business unit roles to provide a diversified and well-rounded developmental experience. This may include business group accounting, internal audit, corporate accounting, and other finance and accounting roles.

Upon completion of the program, a successful, high-performing graduate will be placed into an appropriate role within the company based on the company’s needs and the level of performance demonstrated throughout all three rotations.

Trade Associates Program
The Trade Associates program is an exciting rotational opportunity designed to explore the various divisions within our Trade Group. This program is 12-18 months with 3-4 month rotations through the various group departments, such as originations (buying grain), operations, FRISK (risk management), Farm2Market and food ingredients. This accelerated, hands-on experience allows for quick immersion into the Trade Group and an opportunity to travel.

The Trade Associates Program provides employees with opportunities to work cross-functionally with a dedicated program manager, experienced rotational managers and knowledgeable mentors. It also provides interaction with the group leadership team as well as opportunity for career advancement and success.

Rail Manager-in-Training Program
The Rail Manager-in-Training program is concentrated on learning all aspects of rail shop management. Trainees will gain a working knowledge of Rail Group operations and rail shop operations, including maintenance, procurement, sales and marketing, logistics, quality control/inventory management, safety and environmental compliance, budgeting, capital planning, engineering, project management, financial reporting and organizational management, as well as other aspects of general management.

The overall objective is for employees to gain sufficient background experience and insight to function as a rail shop manager within a six to twelve-month period. Relocation is a requirement of the position.

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