Our philosophy toward contributing to our communities relates to our commitment to provide good service to our customers as outlined in our Statement of Principles. If we are successful in providing our customers with products and services that are of clear value, we have fulfilled an important aspect of meeting our obligations to the communities in which we live and do business.

Beyond that, we believe that both individually and collectively we should generously share our time, talents and financial resources in pursuing worthwhile opportunities that benefit our communities. As a company, we believe a reasonable portion of profits should be contributed to charitable causes and we should be diligent in protecting the quality of the environment in which we work and live. 

Our Share the Bounty Giving Report provides information on our philanthropic contributions. While this report outlines the types of initiatives we are currently supporting, we are always looking for new opportunities and partnerships.

We provide grants and charitable contributions to numerous organizations that support educational, agricultural, cultural, environmental, social and health-related causes. Requests are accepted online and reviewed monthly. Before submitting your request, we ask that you please review our Charitable Contributions Request Policy.

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